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流心開心果及黑芝麻月餅 Lava Pistachio and Black Sesame Mooncake

流心開心果及黑芝麻月餅 Lava Pistachio and Black Sesame Mooncake

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Grinde has teamed up with the local Hong Kong-style baking shop Patisserie La Luna to launch a special edition mooncake gift box with new flavors for the first time — Lava Black Sesame and Lava Pistachio Mooncakes, combining two classic ingredients of Hong Kong-style desserts with mooncakes.

Lava Pistachio Mooncake

Using premium Italian pistachios, we precisely control the roasting time to bring out the unique nutty flavor of the pistachios without adding any sugar during the grinding process. The filling is as rich and concentrated as signature pistachio sweet soup, creating a luscious and decadent Lava Pistachio Mooncake that you'll fall in love with at first bite.

Lava Sesame Mooncake

Using roasted Japanese black sesame seeds, we slowly grind them into a fine paste. This sesame paste is then incorporated into the mooncake crust and crafted into a rich and smooth lava filling. As a result, both the exterior and interior of the mooncake are infused with a unique aroma, allowing you to savor the authentic taste of sesame with every bite, leaving a lingering fragrance that delights the palate.


產品規格 Product Specifications

→ 4件(2件芝麻味、2件開心果味)
→ 獨立包裝

→ 每件淨重約 50 克,總淨重約 200 克

→ 310mm(W) x 83mm(D) x 50mm(H)

Product Specifications

→ 4 pieces (2 black sesame, 2 pistachio)
→ Individually packaged

→ Approx. 50 grams each, approx. 200 grams total

Gift Box Dimensions:
→ 310mm(W) x 83mm(D) x 50mm(H)

建議食用方法Recommended Preparation Method

→ 先用 180°C 預熱約 3-5 分鐘,移除獨立包裝,將月餅從冷凍狀態直接放入焗爐加熱約 10 (±2) 分鐘,無需解凍。


Recommended Consumption Method

Oven/Air Fryer:
→ Preheat to 180°C for about 3-5 minutes, remove individual packaging, place the mooncake directly into the oven from frozen state and heat for about 10 (±2) minutes, no need to defrost.

*The above are recommended methods. Adjust heating time according to equipment power and storage method.

建議儲存方法 Recommended Storage Method


冰格 (攝氏 -18°C):
→ 建議於 45 天內享用

冷藏於雪藏格 (攝氏 0°C - 4°C):
→ 建議於 10 天內享用

冷氣室溫(攝氏 25°C);
→ 建議於 3 天內食用


Recommended Storage Method

To maintain optimal quality and flavor, we recommend the following storage methods:

Freezer (-18°C):
→ Recommended to consume within 45 days

Refrigerator (0°C - 4°C):
→ Recommended to consume within 10 days

Room temperature (25°C):
→ Recommended to consume within 3 days

*Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
*After the recommended storage time, the crust may start to soften. If the individual packaging is still unopened, it can still be consumed by the best before date on the box.

致敏源資訊 Allergen Information

→ 麩質的穀類
→ 蛋類及蛋類製品
→ 奶類及奶類製品

→ 花生及花生製品
→ 大豆及大豆製品
→ 木本堅果及堅果類製品

Allergen Information

This product contains:
→ Cereals containing gluten
→ Eggs and egg products
→ Milk and milk products

The facility that produces this food also processes:
→ Peanuts and peanut products
→ Soy and soy products
→ Tree nuts and nut products